The WEIRD problem in a "non-WEIRD" context A meta-research on therepresentativeness of human subjects in Chinese psychological research


Psychological science aims at understanding human mind and behavior, but it primarily relies on subjects from Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic regions, i.e., the WEIRD problem. This lack of diversity and representativeness of subjects compromised the generalizability of psychological science. To address this issue, large-scale international collaborative projects were initiated, and more data are collected from non-WEIRD regions. However, it is unknown whether subjects from “non-WEIRD” regions can represent their local population. In this meta-research, we plan to survey the characteristics of Chinese subjects reported in empirical studies published in five mainstream Chinese psychological journals and in large-scale international collaborations. The results will provide a realistic picture of Chinese participants in psychology, and we will discuss potential solutions to the issue of representativeness in both China and worldwide.

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